Rogério Eduardo da Silva
Lecturer in Computer Science

My Games

Space Invaders
April, 2014

This game was the result of a minicourse I taught at FLISOL - Latin-American Forum for Installation of Opensource Software. This course worked as an experiment for me to analyze Blender Game Engine as a development tool. This game is a remodeling of the classic "Space Invaders" from the 80's.

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October, 2013

My first multi-platform game (Windows / Web / Android). This is a classical asteroids-like game where the player has to shoot flying asteroids in order to survive.

The name 'Kuiper' denotes the asteroid belt that exists between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter.

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June, 2013

My first game. In this first-person shooter game, you need to navigate through a labyrinth full of 'chupacabras', collecting a series of gems, in order to find the exit in the least time possible.

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My Animations

Project D.R.A.M.A.

Goal: to research a computational metaphor for real actors applying it to the development of virtual actors capable of acting autonomously. This project is based on three main components: scripts, autonomous deliberations and authoring character animations.

This project is still under development and two different versions have been considered: my students are developing a plugin for and I alone am developing an alternative one for (for comparison purposes).

More details check our website.

My Architecture Viz in Blender